Candella / Green Cigars

Product Information

These cigars are popular among many smokers.

Green cigars are latter-day oddities, but they once were the preferred smokes of Americans, so popular in the United States that cigars with candela wrappers became known as American Market Selection. (Natural cigars, the ones that make up the vast majority of today’s cigar market, were dubbed English Market Selection.) From about 1958 to the early 1970s, Americans smoked billions of cigars, and nearly all of them were as green as your front lawn after a May rain. The popular tint was not a function of the use of underage leaf, however. It resulted from a unique process by which the wrapper tobacco was being cured.

“I love ‘em,” wrote Bloofington. “Had a candela for the first time just the other day,” wrote Humordor. “This is a surprisingly good smoke. Going to an event at the tobacco store tonight and I’ll probably pick up a few more.” BigTom47 wrote: “I have found that they are a very nice golf cigar. Since they are milder than most of the cigars I smoke, I can still putt with the cigar in my mouth.”