Cigar Lighting

Product Information

Lighting a cigar is as easy as people say it is but when you run into some problems it may be a pain to fix. So today I present to you, a simple refined process on hwo to get a great burn on your cigar.

If you’re using a lighter or a match the process stays pretty much the same. Lighter are a great tool and very convient but a match is more accesible and en masse. if you’re using a match, make sure you wait a second or two while the chemical on the tip of the match is completely burned out. This will reduce the chance of getting that first nasty puff taste. From here on, the process is the same as using a lighter. After you cut the head of the cigar, turn it at a 45 degree angle and rotate slowly about 1 inch away from the flame. Keep turning until the foot of your cigar until the foot has been completely toasted evenly. Make sure the entire edge of the foot is toasted to the same degree. Once toasted, put the cigar in your mouth and take one nice puff atleast 1 inch away from the flame. As you release air pressure from the cigar, a flame should shoot up at the foot. turn your cigar over and blow on the foot to make sure the embers spread across the wrapper evenly. Repeat this process until you have a perfect burn!

Happy Smoking!